A short Introduction and History of Golf Equipment

One of the mistakes that most beginners tend to make when they’ve just started to play golf is not familiarizing themselves with the different pieces of golf equipment. Golf is a very complicated sport. There are so many things that can affect a person’s performance. Some of the minutiae can confuse people, leaving them at a loss.


golf club

It might be a painstaking process, at least for some, to read up on the different pieces of equipment that compose a golfer’s arsenal; however, it will all be worth it in the end. Besides, all a beginner really needs is a basic idea of which pieces of equipment are important. There aren’t that many anyway.

Below are some of the essential pieces of golf equipment that beginners should read up on.
The golf club

Golf wouldn’t be golf without the ever present golf club. In fact, golf wouldn’t be the kind of game that it is today if it wasn’t for the club. Golf also wouldn’t be as expensive of a sport to play if it wasn’t for the modern golf club.

In the first days of golf, most people relied on clubs that were made of various types of wood. In fact, the golf club known as wood refers to the fact that these clubs used to be made exclusively of that material. Best colleciton of golf club drivers with new features,specification and design only available at www.rockbottomgolf.com.

It wasn’t until later on that manufacturers decided to make this particular piece of golf equipment out of metal. Old wooden clubs still had the tendency to break after a full swing. It was the introduction of metal clubs that changed the game since golfers could now hit the ball as hard as they could without fear of breaking the club.

The important thing to remember about golf clubs is that they come in different types. The three major categories are woods, irons and putters. Woods are what golfers use when they need to hit the golf ball as hard as they can. Irons are what people use to get out of sticky situations. Putters are used for making the ball roll towards the hole.

There are clubs known as hybrids, but these tend to be more complicated clubs used for high levels of play.

The golf ball

The golf ball is what golfers keep on praying will go into the hole. It is an extremely important piece of golf equipment to say the least. Old golf balls were very different from today’s balls. During the earliest days of golf, the most basic balls were made from wood. Time moved on and balls evolved. These newer balls were known as featheriness.


Later on, manufacturers began to rethink what made a good golf ball. They began to experiment on rubber cores and mesh skins. This helped to improve the aerodynamics of the golf ball.

Nowadays, each golf ball is made differently. The different types of balls are meant to cater to the need of the golfer. Some add more distance, others roll better, and some are even easier to control.

Other noteworthy pieces of equipment

Golf balls and golf clubs are very important pieces for any golfer’s arsenal. However, they are not the only pieces of equipment out there.

Gloves for example are also important. Not all golfers have the same kind of hands. Some people have sweatier palms; others have a weak grip. Gloves help address these issues.

Ball markers are exactly what they say on the tin. In a limited number of circumstances, the golf ball can be lifted at which point the ball marker is placed to remember where the ball landed. There are other pieces of golf equipment that people should familiarize themselves with if they want to master the game.