5 ways to build links for your website

Building links for your website is not as difficult as you think. There are ways to build links and get higher search engines in return.

Try these tips:

Content is King.

contentSometimes the only way to get other websites to link back to you is by creating highly engaging content for your users. Read credible resources to be able to produce high quality content for your articles. Make sure your articles are proofread correctly and provide informative value to the users. It would help to have someone check your articles if you’re not good with writing. Consistently publishing good content earns you trust from the users and search engines. Over time, more websites will link back to you. Your website will start to build a name in the World Wide Web.

Get blog mentions and more reviews.

It is essential to know where to look for influential bloggers to get a blog mention for your website. A popular blogger can do wonders for your website. These bloggers can convince users to buy a product or service. Take advantage of this opportunity to be successful with link building. If possible, offer your product to the blogger and ask for reviews. When you go this route, make sure you innovate your product to get more positive reviews from the blogger.

Get links from people you know.

If you have a social media site like Facebook and Twitter, ask for their help. Ask them to share your content or better yet, if they have their own website or blog, ask them to link back to your site. But of course, you still need to follow white hat SEO. Ask links from websites relevant to yours only to avoid getting penalized by Google.


Another way to build links is by submitting your websites to directories and press release sites. You might not get results right away with this technique, but this is better than not doing anything or resorting to black hat SEO.

Guest posts.

Look for relevant websites and ask for guest posts from them. Create a strongly-worded cover letter to the owner of the website and tell him why you should be given the chance to guest post. Then provide a link of your website to your post. Be sure to provide a link back to the website where you made a guest post.

Join forums.

forumForums are also helpful in building links back to your website. It can also help you gain more visitors. Look for relevant forums and provide informative content. Do not forget to provide a link to your website. Visit other people’s website as well. Who knows, they might be able to also help link back to your site.

Be consistent.

Knowing the right techniques is not enough to be successful with link building. You do need to be consistent. Always provide high quality content for your website. Spend a great deal of time doing this. Hard work pays. And search engines will notice your website too. As much as possible, get help if you need to. If you think you can’t do everything for your website, get the right people to help you.

Getting other websites to link back to yours helps you gain more visibility however, you should also make sure that you are optimizing content for search engines. This way you are hitting two birds with one stone. In other words, you are creating high quality content for the websites and, at the same time, trying to convince major search engines like Google and Yahoo to let you in the top of the rankings.