What Can an SEO Firm Offer You?

So, you are planning to build a website for business purposes. Your friend tells you that you need to hire the services of an SEO firm. Do you really need one? For you to decide on this matter, you have to know what the firm offers and if it gives you what you need. Here are some of the usual roles of an SEO agency.

Keyword research

A company that specializes in search engine optimization should perform keyword research. It should know which keywords or key phrases are delivering the desired results. You might have even heard of agencies that even take awkward key phrases and wrong spellings in consideration.

Brand and competition research

Brand and competition research is also part of the job of an SEO agency. Such an agency would want to know just how much work will be needed to promote your particular website. So, it should try to find out what companies that are similar to yours are doing. How much weight does your brand already have or is there a need to build and optimize a website from scratch?

Article and general content creation

Whether your website is new or not, an SEO company would recommend the creation of content. The most popular type of content offered by such a company would be in the written form. The company may have writers that are working for them regularly or they could also hire third party writers that can deliver articles for a cheap per word price. With articles, it is easy to insert keywords and key phrases. Beware of peppering the whole article with awkward phrasings because it would be obvious what you are trying to do. SEO writers already know that they need to take the reader in consideration. Visitors would more likely go back if they actually enjoyed reading the articles.

seoSome SEO firms also offer other content, such as original photos and videos. While it may be temporarily worth the while to use existing viral videos and photographs, it is best to create your own content. While viral videos with their respective Meta tags could deliver great search engine results, they may not give the prospective web visitors satisfaction. You should always aim to satisfy your audience to make them come back or refer your website to other people.

Website audit

An SEO firm will also audit your website. It will want to know if it would need an overhaul or just some tweaking and maintenance. If you are completely new to website optimization, the firm would more likely provide you with a recommendation to avail of all their services: from research to monitoring.

Website optimization

Optimization is the core of the firm’s responsibilities to your website. Its representatives will make sure that you are using relevant keywords and that all your content, including visual ones, have keywords in their tags that could easily be detected by the top search engine.

Building links

To further strengthen your website optimization, your chosen optimization firm will build and monitor links for you. It is not enough for a devoted firm to create an optimized website for you.

Your website should, after all, remain relevant in the long run. This means to say that harmful links should be removed while fresh links should be added. Search engines would happily include you in their results if there are fresh links that indicate your website is healthy and active.

Results analysis

Website optimization is also not complete without results analysis. It is not enough to create original content, incorporate relevant keywords, and monitor links. Your chosen optimization company should also check and analyze the results of all your joint efforts. You could just end up paying a lot of cash to a company that does things that you don’t even understand on your website.

A good company would tell you what is going on and then show you that their efforts are, in fact, effective and warranted. The results analysis, however, may require more actions to be taken. Your relationship with your chosen SEO Company may go on for life.

Monitoring and adjustments

After the results have been established and analyzed, adjustments may have to be made. If things are going slow then you may need to create original content more regularly, build fresh links more frequently, and make adjustments with the keywords and key phrases that you are using. Maybe a term is now being called in a different way. Language can go through quite an evolution.

Reaching out to companies in your niche

Whether things are doing well or not, your SEO expert will also reach out to some companies that are within your niche. Your website could form networks with other websites that may be beneficial to you. It would be great if you are also beneficial to them. For example, your website may be for an obstetrician. You can build relationships with health websites, as well as pediatrician’s websites. This is just one example, however.

The above are ways in which good SEO firms could help you out. You would more likely need all of the above services if you are starting out without any knowledge about SEO whatsoever, but must somehow promote your website.

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